Serena is the director of Yoga programming @ ChicagoCBM, the wellness studio offering classes and workshops for mind body practices and connection. 

A message from Serena:

I wholeheartedly believe that a consistent, passionate, mindful yoga practice has the power to transform your life. In my classes, you’ll learn simple yet powerful tools for self-care and compassion. Physical postures will help release tension and create circulation and help you to learn to love and care for your body more fully. You’ll also work with your breath as a tool for deep relaxation. Guided meditation and visualization will introduce the philosophy of yoga, which helps you to take the calm and balance you’ve created during your practice off the mat and into your life.

I came to yoga after chronic pain and anxiety left me feeling helpless and frustrated. With the help of a committed practice, I developed a more loving and understanding relationship with my body and mind, ultimately allowing healing, balancing, and strengthening to occur over time.

I have studied yoga and several traditions of meditation for over a thousand hours with some of the most renowned teachers throughout the world. My teaching is primarily informed by my studies with Gary KraftsowDaren Friesen, and Pema Chodron. I consider myself a lifelong student of yoga and continue to train extensively to keep my classes intelligent, fresh, and inspired. I'm in the process of completing rigorous advanced teacher training inViniyoga with Gary Kraftsow, eventually planning to work toward certification as a yoga therapist.

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Serena is a yoga therapist in training for chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and all lifestyle ailments

Consider working with Serena:

  • Yoga for chronic pain
  • Trauma-informed yoga
  • Yoga for anxiety and depression
  • Beginner's yoga
  • Guided relaxation/yoga nidra practices


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